Educating Students For Life Beyond the Classroom

  • A teacher reads to a student

    Curriculum That Engages

    Education in America now emphasizes achievement rather than cultivation of virtue. The Saint Constantine School gives value and meaning to the achievements of the classroom by teaching students to pursue excellence with virtue, wisdom, and joy. The classical education we offer immerses students in philosophy, history, both eastern and western Christian wisdom, and literature, alongside a rigorous math, science, Latin and Greek program. Students also have the opportunity to study fine arts in studio art classes, music in choir and individualized lessons, competitive speech and debate, theater, or select sports, as we seek to encourage and enliven all parts of the human soul in our students.

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    Orthodoxy That Nurtures

    As a mission of the Orthodox Church, we are committed to serving the community and educating minds to the glory of God. The Saint Constantine School is named for Emperor Constantine, who ended the horrific persecution of the early church and brought Christianity into the heart of Western culture with his conversion and the founding of Constantinople. A school founded on Orthodox principles–particularly during a time when the Church once again experiences widespread persecution–stands to represent the Light of the World that cannot be extinguished. Like Constantinople, this school hopes to be a beacon of truth and a haven of free thought for those under our care.

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    Teachers Who Mentor

    The Saint Constantine School is a teacher-led school where every administrator, all the way up to our President, is a teacher at heart and in practice. They are passionate experts in their fields, but also share their hobbies and amateur pursuits with students. This means that students receive world-class instruction from qualified teachers in the classroom, but are also surrounded by adults with lively minds who model the wonder and inquisitiveness that so many lose by the time they leave high school.

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    Community That Cares

    Our House system is designed to give our students a more personalized home within the larger Saint Constantine family. Each student is placed in one of our four houses during their first week on campus, and are encouraged by their House faculty advisors to integrate their academic growth with the building of their character. Through friendly and spirited competition in athletics, arts, and academics, students bond with their peers and put what they learn in the classroom into practice.


Our Blog

Thoughts from the Faculty
  • Mona, TSCS Parent

    The truly Socratic conversations at The Saint Constantine School have enlightened my teenagers to seek Truth, Wisdom, and Knowledge in Christ at a university honors program-level of understanding, all while still in high school.

    The teachers and staff at the Saint Constantine School helped me graduate two students into university honors college programs, and we are excited to have two more students currently enrolled under their excellent tutelage.

  • Thalia, Former Student

    Saint Constantine's teachers do an amazing job of facilitating a safe environment for both academic and personal growth. At the same time that they are helping a student work through the problem of Anselm's argument for God, they are also helping the student work through the problem of their own future and the choices that come with growing up. They are not only strong educators but strong mentors as well.

  • Karina, Former Student

    Every day, each of us asks ourselves about what to believe and what to dispute, when to listen and when to speak, how to be gracious and how to be bold. As I make those judgements, I find myself continually grateful for the methods I learned in my classical studies and the mentors who guided me. I’ve long forgotten the due dates and tests I faced at fifteen, but I remember the greater lessons about goodness, truth, and beauty. Those came largely from discussion with my peers, exposure to great ideas, and the example of my teachers. I learned to seek excellence not just in the pursuit of a grade, but of a better life. The Saint Constantine School is run by people who inspire and model that kind of living. If you care about that - and I think you should - TSCS is a great place to be.

  • Jonathan, Former Student

    When I was their student, their instruction and guidance gave me my first glimpse of not only the importance of education, but its beauty, too. The books we read together and the discussions we had changed my life, redirecting it towards the most positive ends - not merely a little accomplishment in the classroom. They showed me the door to a good life, and taught me by example that it is always unlocked if only you try the handle.

Our Vision

The Saint Constantine School provides classical, Christian education so that our students grow in wisdom, virtue, and joy. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive formational education in harmony with the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Guided by a commitment to the timeless traditions of the Christian Church, mind, and worldview, The Saint Constantine School endeavors to educate students for the Church, the city of Houston, the United States, and the world.