All classes at TSCS are designed on a block schedule, allowing students to attend just three days per week or a full five days per week depending on their course of study and family preference.

Classes from the classical core curriculum (Math, Science, Humanities, and Foreign Language) take place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday are reserved for Fine Arts Studio, PE, Choir, Reading Hall, Special Topics Tutorials, individual music lessons, sports team practice, and tutoring, all of which are administered by full-time faculty throughout the day.

Our schedule allows our lower school children more time for flexible, active free play, and provides our upper school students the time and the personalized support they need to complete meaningful and rigorous work during the normal school day while encouraging the development of essential study skills and the time management a student needs to succeed in college. In both cases the schedule reduces the amount of homework students do after school, allowing them more time for their church and family and helping them lead more balanced lives.

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