A painting by Аскалон, titled Saints of the Sloboda Region

All Hallows Day

The host of Saints surrounds us and continues a life of prayer and devotion. Throughout the year we remember various saints like Thekla and Athanasius. At our school we take particular care to remember the saints of our four houses: Saint Lucy, Saint Anne, Saint Elizabeth, and Saint Helen.

Remembering these saints forces us to encounter the truth that life with Christ is possible in the here and now:

Saint Anne lived her life as a faithful mother and unknowingly equipped her daughter Mary to be the Theotokos by passing down the faith. Saint Elizabeth stood with Christ even when thrown into a mine shaft with grenades. Saint Lucy saw Christ even while blind. Saint Helen eschewed the trappings of court to fulfill the quest of finding the true cross.

When we hear the lives of these named saints, we ought to be struck with reverence and a call to imitate them even as the saints imitate Christ.

While we ought to imitate the named Saints of the church, we should not neglect the unnamed saints. On All Hallows Day, we remember the saints who are unknown and unnamed. They sing in heaven with Saint Anne, Saint Lucy, Saint Elizabeth, and Saint Helen but we do not know who they are. These are the martyrs who died without remembrance. These saints are the quiet church ladies who loved and served in the church behind closed doors. These saints are the subdeacons who came everyday to open the church and stayed late to pray for Vespers. These saints are the children whose faith we were never privy to.

These unnamed saints are also us. When we gather, as Orthodox Christians, to celebrate the liturgy we enter the halls of heaven and sing with the saints and angels. We pray to God and partake in His body and blood. Being with God, being a saint is a gift worth remembering. As we enter All Hallows Day let us remember to thank God for all of the saints and all those becoming saints.

All Holy Trinity, have mercy on us and save our souls, O Good One.

Featured Art: Saints of the Sloboda Region by Аскалон