Assistant Track and Field Coach

Assistant Track and Field Coach Responsibilities:

  • Administration —The Assistant Track and Field Coach is responsible to assist overseeing the co-ed Track and Field team development and competition at The Saint Constantine School. The coach will:
    • Be one of the primary liaisons between The Saint Constantine School, Cross Country & track and field athletes and their families, assisting with try-outs and team formation, organization, registration, and ensuring students meet eligibility requirements in partnership with the Head Track & Field Coach & the Athletic Director
    • Manage team practices, ensure appropriate supervision and clear parent communication.
    • Manage equipment acquisition, care, and storage.
    • Help coordinate team travel with parents and assistant coach.
  • Teaching— The Assistant Track and Field Coach will coach the team during practices after school immediately proceeding and during the season.
    • Understand and communicate the ethos of The Saint Constantine School athletic program to students, faculty, coaches, and parents.
    • Attend all meets, helping build positive relationships with competitive schools.
    • Encourage great sportsmanship, character formation, and athletic excellence in all athletes in your care.

Qualifications: Coaching experience required. Field experience preferred. Extensive personal and/or professional experience in junior high, high school, or college competitive sports programs. Experience in staff and student management. Excellent administrative skills, with proven ability to maintain calendars, and rosters. Excellent report with students of all ages. Strong understanding of the ethos and values of The Saint Constantine School philosophy of education and play.

Reports To: Athletic Director, Head of School
Salary Classification: Part time, exempt
Supervision Of Others: Volunteers
Start Date: As soon as approved by administration

Hours Per Week: 15* Seasonal during the Spring Semester.
Practices: Coordinate with the Athletic Director.
Meets: Typically during the week or on Fridays and Saturdays
*This is an administrative position, and at times may require investments above and beyond the aforementioned, approximate time commitment, including travel and weekends.

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