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Hurricane Harvey Causes Minimal Damage at Saint Constantine School

HOUSTON, TX– Despite the relentless and record-shattering rains of Hurricane Harvey, The Saint Constantine School (TSCS) sustained very little damage done to school property. 

While many neighborhoods in the greater Houston area, including nearby Meyerland, saw businesses and homes flooded with feet of water, TSCS’s Regency Square area experienced very little flooding.

Damage on the TSCS campus was minimal. Several ceiling tiles collapsed after leaks developed in the Mays building’s office suite, and two classrooms had minor flooding.  Leadership worked with the school’s property management company to repair damages in the days following the storm, and the school is slated to reopen on September 5.

“The buildings escaped appreciable harm,” said Provost Dr. Robert Stacey. “Given the unprecedented level of rain that fell in a flood-prone portion of the city, TSCS is truly blessed to have emerged almost entirely unscathed.” Surrounding school districts have delayed the start of school until September 11 due to damage to multiple school facilities and impassable roads.

Dropping over 50 inches of water in some regions and lasting for five days, Hurricane Harvey has broken all records to become the largest five-day flooding event in recorded United States history.

Serving in Harvey’s Wake

While Harvey’s damage has been quickly resolved on the TSCS campus, the road to recovery has just started for many families in the school.  Several families will be mucking out flooded homes and replacing possessions in the coming weeks, and may not return to living at home for some time. “Our school is a community and some of us are hurting or have needs. When one member of the family hurts, we all hurt. As part of Houston, we also see the pain in our hometown,” said TSCS President Dr. John Mark Reynolds. 

TSCS faculty, students, and parents are partnering with the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) to provide supplies and aid in Houston areas where Harvey caused serious damage. TSCS and IOCC teams will also work within our school community to directly help families impacted by flooding. “Following the teachings of the Faith, we will pray and work for the day when all our family is made whole from the storm,” Reynolds added.

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